April 15, 2005  


ES&H Safety Tip of the Week: Creating a Strong Safety Culture

Performing our work safely is important on both an individual and group basis. Bringing a team spirit to safety is key to creating a culture of safe practices that is embedded in all areas of our Laboratory.

Discuss safety issues with your coworkers before you begin a task.
Photo by Diana Rogers

Are you helping to create a culture of safety here at SLAC? Ask yourself the following questions:

• Are safety and safety terms a part of your language at work?

• Are workplace safety practices a part of your job description and your performance reviews?

• Are safe behaviors specified and enforced in your work?

• Do you feel rewarded, and do you reward others, in a tangible, visible way for promoting safety?

• Are safety concerns evident in your interaction with other staff?

• When you begin a new task, are you briefed and do you brief others on safety procedures and on the consequences for ignoring safety practices or engaging in unsafe behavior?

• Do you observe and correct hazards when you see them?

• Do you always ‘dress for success’ by using the appropriate protective gear and equipment?

• Is safety a topic at every meeting and are the meetings well attended?

Let’s work together to make the Laboratory a safe and secure environment.

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