April 15, 2005  


Welcome to the SLAC Summer Student Program 2005!

By Lisa Mongetta

Through the SLAC Summer Student Program, approximately 1,300 students have benefited over the years from their experiences working alongside professionals who have opened the way for them to see life in a scientific environment.

There are significant changes to this year’s program that include stronger focus on safety, age requirements, and the posting of all Summer Student Job Requisitions. Please read the program information carefully and feel free to call the Employment Services Office with your questions. Please see the following url for complete Program Information:


Your assistance in dispersing program information to those in your department who may hire a summer student, and in submitting employment requisitions for summer students as early as possible is greatly appreciated and will benefit us all.

Diedre Webb is the Summer Student Program Administrator. She can be reached on Ext. 4744.

We look forward to a rewarding summer program!


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