April 15, 2005  


Fueling Your SLAC Vehicles

By Pete Budrunus

An onsite facility is provided for fueling the eight remaining DOE (owned) light duty vehicles. These vehicles are identified by ‘E’ license plates. Forklifts and scooters also fall into this category and are fueled onsite. Both gasoline and diesel fuels are available at the fuel station during hours of operation, which are 7 a.m. through 3 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays). The fueling station is adjacent to Bldg. 035 (west side), in the parking lot between Bldg. 035 and Bldg. 081.

To use this system, you must first obtain a SLAC Fuel Card for your vehicle from the Transportation Department. This card identifies your vehicle and authorizes use of the system each time you obtain fuel.

GSA Vehicles Must be Fueled Offsite

While attempts are being made to provide onsite fueling for GSA vehicles, as of this writing, GSA (leased) vehicles must use offsite commercial stations for fueling, and you must use your GSA Voyager credit card for fuel transactions.

Receipts for all transactions should be turned in to the Transportation Department for reconciliation. A reminder–use only regular unleaded gasoline in GSA vehicles. Under our contract we are not permitted to use higher grades of gasoline.

If an emergency situation should arise and fuel must be purchased without using the Voyager card, you can be reimbursed by submitting a SLAC petty cash request. You must attach the receipt to the petty cash request and obtain the signature of the Transportation Manager for reimbursement.
Contact the Transportation Department for details.

While most stations will accept the Voyager card, Arco stations do not honor the Voyager card. Please note that the Sharon Heights Shell station cannot be used for any GSA transaction. You should use a vendor that accepts the Voyager card for all transactions related to fuel or repair of your vehicle.

The following is a list of approved fuel stations in close proximity to SLAC:

Woodside Chevron

2950 Woodside Road
West of Highway 280

Portola Valley Shell

Alpine Rd at La Cuesta Drive
West of Highway 280
Portola Valley


104 Alpine Rd
Redwood City

Woodside Shell

1667 Woodside Road
Redwood City

Stanford Campus Texaco

715 Serra Street

Chevron Station (formerly ARCO)

3600 Alameda De Las Pulgas, at Avy
Menlo Park

Don’t forget–buckle up, it’s the law (and SLAC policy as well).

For complete information on vehicles, see:



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