August 19, 2005  



Service Awards

Appointments and Awards
Owen Long (B
ABAR/UC, Riverside) received the 2005 DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator award. One of only seven issued nationally this year, his award-winning proposal is titled A Program to Study CP Asymmetries in Penguin-dominated B Decays at BABAR.

5 Years
Borden, Tom (REG), 8/21
Dungan, Pat (LCLS), 8/21
Hughes, Michael (CEF), 8/22
Knopf, James (ESD), 8/16

10 Years
Johnson, Ron (ESD), 8/29

15 Years
Choi, Brian (ESRD), 8/27
Neibel, Matthew (CEF), 8/27

30 Years
Adams, Neal (SCS), 8/26

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