August 19, 2005  


Offsite Use of SLAC Property and Your Responsibility

Remember, when you take any Laboratory property offsite for official use, you have full property custodian responsibilities for that item at all times.

Also, if you take a laptop or other government property to and from work, you need to document this using an Offsite Use Form. Make a note on the form that the item travels back and forth with you. A form is not required for cellular phones, PDAs, pagers or hand held calculators. The form is available on-line at:

And, finally, notify Property Control when you return an item back to SLAC. We need to update our records. There are four ways to let us know the property is back on site:

Please report any loss or damage of property immediately to the Laboratory Safeguards and Security Office (Ext. 5333).

Contact: Leslie Normandin, Property Control, Ext. 4350,





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