August 5, 2005  


Credit Cardholders and Approving Officials

The last purchase card transactions posting to FY05 costs will be those on MasterCard statements for the cycle closing on September 7. Reconciled statements are due in Accounting, MS 9, no later than Thursday, September 22.

Accounting will restrict editing access to PVSNet on Monday, September 26. At that time no further edits to electronic data can be made at the cardholder level. Transactions posting from September 8 forward will be costed against FY06.

If it is imperative that your late August and September purchases post to FY05 costs, consider placing your orders through the PSoft requisition system instead of using your purchase card. Materials/Supplies ordered through the purchase requisition system and received by September 30 will be included in FY05 costs.

Contact: Gail Gudahl, Purchasing Office, Ext. 4563,




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