December 2, 2005  



Science Under Attack!
Public Policy, Science Education and the Emperorís New Clothes

Lawrence Krauss
Case Western Reserve University

Monday, December 5, 4:15 p.m.
Panofsky Auditorium

Lawrence Maxwell Krauss gives the SLAC Departmental Colloquium series audience what we have all been waiting for: A view of public policy from the author of The Physics of Star Trek.
(Photo courtesy of Krauss)

The popular debate about the teaching of intelligent design in public schools is but one quandary for scientists and policy makers. Given recent developments which have worked to breed a general distrust of science, it is evident that researchers and politicians alike should be wary of using popular opinion as a guide for policy and pedagogy when it comes to science in public education. Krauss will qualify this complex issue and will address how educators, policy makers and scientists can work effectively to prevent public misconceptions of science.

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