December 2, 2005  


Speaking of Success: Two Academic Career Counseling Center Stories

By Linda DuShane White

The Academic Career Counseling Center at SLAC was founded in 2003. Headed by Pauline Wethington (COM/HR), the Center helps SLAC employees create bright futures through further education or career enhancement.

All employees at SLAC are encouraged to take advantage of the free services provided by the Center. Academic financial support is available through funds from the Stanford tuition program, STAP funds and money for text books.

Wethington helps those she counsels cut through red tape with ease. Because of the large amount of funding and educational information available, it is helpful to consult an expert who can to put together the unique combination of resources needed by each person. She also has expertise in the time management issues experienced by anyone working full time while attending school.

Two inspiring success stories are featured here. (Photos by Diana Rogers)

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Jasmine Rogers

Diana Viera

Currently a student at Foothill College, Jasmine Rogers (BSD) thought school was a thing of the past for her. “I know for sure that if we didn’t have this program I wouldn’t have gone to college,” she said. “I had decided that I had missed my chance.”

Rogers is taking the opportunities offered by funding and career planning resources at SLAC and plans to get her AA from Foothill. She will then transfer to San Jose State. Her eventual goal is a BFA in Graphic Design, with a minor in Computer Science.

Rogers says of Wethington, “She makes it so easy. If I had started this when I began working at SLAC in 2000, I would be working on my Masters by now.”

“I always feel like I’m in really good hands. She always has a clear, concise answer for me. If she doesn’t, she will research it and get back to me. It allows me to feel confident about where I am going.”

Rogers advises everyone at SLAC to be sure to use their STAP funds!


Ten years after graduating from high school, Diana Viera (GLAST) began attending DeAnza College in June with a goal of getting her AA in Business Administration.

“I was not aware of the Career Counseling availability at all, although I have been at SLAC for years,” she said.

Viera consulted the Web and found out that Stanford helps with expenses. She discovered SLAC career services through a recommendation by Diedre Webb (HR).

Wethington’s first question was, “Where are you in your life?” With a family and a job, Viera was going to try to go to school four hours a night. “It would have been too much for me,” Viera says. Wethington eased her into the college experience, recommending that she take ‘Women of Color,’ an inspiring, motivating class that proved to be perfect. She finished the class with an A and a feeling of empowerment. “When I was finished with that course, I knew I was ready to go back to school.”

“One thing about Pauline was that she wanted to get to know you on a personal level so that she could balance things out for you. She’s really good at her job. I trust her.”


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