December 16, 2005  


Counterfeit Parts and Circuit Breakers

By Robin Wendt

Counterfeit and suspected counterfeit parts are a problem because they frequently do not meet the standards of the genuine part they imitate and, as a consequence, may be a safety hazard and cause damage to equipment. Please refer to Bulletin 9C, Counterfeit Parts.

To avoid this risk, those in the SLAC community who obtain bolts, fasteners and circuit breakers are recommended to do so through SLAC Stores. SLAC Stores orders only from reliable vendors and verifies the items are not counterfeit, thus assuring the safety of the end-user. We recognize that not all procurements of bolts, fasteners and electric circuit breakers are made through Stores, though we encourage you do so for such items.

Those who procure these items directly from vendors may run a higher risk of obtaining counterfeits and need to be vigilant.

For information about SLAC Stores, contact Tom Murphy (Ext. 3584, or see the Stores website.

If you have concerns over authenticity of items obtained outside of SLAC Stores, contact the following:

Bolts and fasteners—Butch Byers, head, Chemical and General Safety Department, ES&H Division (Ext. 9603,

Electric circuit breakers—Perry Anthony, SLAC electrical safety officer (Ext. 4354,

Please note that all ES&H bulletins, including Bulletin 9C are being rescinded; guidance from them that remains current is being incorporated into ES&H Manual chapters or other policy/requirement documents.

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