February 4, 2005  


PureMessage—New SPAM Quarantine Software

Test Group Comments

“After just two days of the new SPAM tool I have to say that I think it’s extremely useful.” –Jochen Schwiening (EB)

“I know most of my group would love to use this function.” –Sharon West (TIS)

“I really appreciate being able to check the SPAM, know that I haven’t missed anything important and then delete it in a single click.” –Shirley Gruber (SCS)

We have been running software on our mail gateways which modifies the Subject of incoming SPAM e-mail since early 2003. We will roll out the SPAM Quarantine site wide on Monday, February 14.

Recently, the software was modified so that we could ‘hold’ SPAM in quarantine and let you decide if you want it released or not. Over 60 users have been testing the modified software since early December. To date, the results from our test group have been very positive.

How Will it Work?

Each day you will receive an e-mail listing messages held for the past 24 hours with one line for each e-mail held. If you do not want the SPAM, take no action and it will be purged from the server automatically after 30 days.

Retrieving a message from quarantine is quick and very simple. Please see details on the Quarantine Web site (http://www2.slac.stanford.edu/comp/messaging/Reference/spam-quarantine-explained.htm). Your requested message(s) will be released and sent to you within approximately 10 minutes.

We are providing this service to:
• Reduce the disk space the SPAM is taking on our mail servers
• Reduce the level of frustration people feel when they receive so much SPAM
• Keep SPAM from getting into our mailing lists
• Prevent our vacation and Out of Office messages from going back to spammers
• Give you control of your SPAM e-mail
• Let you decide what you want to see when you are ready to check the list

If you would rather opt-out of the SPAM quarantine feature, please send a message to mail-admin@slac.stanford.edu to let us know.

Contacts: Mary Crume (SCS), Ext. 3683, mjcrume@slac.stanford.edu
Teresa Downey (SCS), Ext. 2903, teresa.downey@slac.stanford.edu 



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