February 4, 2005  


Staff-Guided Tour Policy

In the interest of protecting the safety of visitors at SLAC and keeping SLAC Safeguards and Security informed of on-site visits, the following interim policy will be implemented as of February 4:

Staff members do not need to receive prior approval to take a visitor, or a group of fewer than six visitors, on a tour of SLAC.

The SLAC Dosimeter/ID Request Form will be updated to capture the following additional information from staff obtaining individual badges for visitors:
• Commitment from staff member to take full responsibility for each visitor’s safety
• Commitment from visitor(s) to obey signage and follow direction of staff escort
• List of building numbers or areas where visitors will be taken while behind the RCA fence
• Verification that staff member has sufficient training to take visitors into tour areas listed on form

Tours with six or more visitors need to be arranged through the Tours Office by filling out a Private Tour Request form on-line at:http://www-group.slac.stanford.edu/com/tour/tour/default.asp

Contact: Emily Ball, Ext. 2620, emily.ball@slac.stanford.edu 



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