February 4, 2005  


Appropriate Use of Government Vehicles

All staff who operate government vehicles are reminded that misuse of these vehicles can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Use of government vehicles for anything other than official business is considered misuse. This includes using these vehicles to run personal errands such as visiting a bank, going to lunch when not on official government travel or driving to the SLAC Café for a meal or snack.
Prior written approval is needed in order to take a government vehicle home for any reason. To request this approval use the on-line Request Form for Use of Govt. Vehicle Between SLAC and Residence, at: https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/sem/transportation/forms

Additionally, anyone using government vehicles is expected to protect and treat them with the same care they would give their own vehicles. This includes operating them in a responsible manner, not leaving the keys in unattended vehicles and locking them when not in use.

You are also reminded that seatbelt use is required for drivers and passengers at all times when the vehicle is in motion. This applies to official and personal vehicles.

Contact: Jerry Jobe, Ext. 4245, jlj@slac.stanford.edu 




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