February 18, 2005  


DOE Outstanding Mentor Awards

By Vickee Flynn

Jim Decker, Principal Deputy Director of the DOE Office of Science, presented the DOE Outstanding Mentor Awards to Charles Young (EA) and Grzegorz Madejski (ASG) in January.

Jim Decker (r) and Charles Young (l)

Jim Decker (r) and Grzegorz Madejski (l)

Photos by Diana Rogers

Both Madejski and Young were mentors to students who participated last summer in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) program.

Madejski served on the student selection committee and took responsibility for placement and on-going support of all the students working in the area of astrophysics as well as being a first rate mentor to one of them.

Young, together with his colleagues Peter Kim (EE) and Mark Convery (EB), worked with four students! Young was the leader of this effort. His quiet and unassuming way, and his willingness to take time to explain things, makes him an excellent mentor. He went out of his way to support the students both before they arrived at SLAC and during the program.

The 2005 SULI program at SLAC will run from June 19 to August 20. For more than thirty years, this program has offered 20 students an eight week paid internship at SLAC. Students work with a scientist or engineer on a project related to the laboratory’s research program.

For details on education and outreach at SLAC, see: http://www.slac.stanford.edu/gen/edu/student.html 



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