February 18, 2005  


OSC Listens @SLAC

You have a good idea on how to reduce accidents. You wonder whatís being done about the speeding problem on the SLAC Loop Road. Or you hear ticketing will start soon for people not wearing seatbelts on site and want more info.

For these and other general safety matters, you have always been able to turn to the Operating Safety Committee, the only safety committee whose membership represents the entire Lab. Youíve contacted me (as Chair) or a representative from your own division.

Now you have one more way of transmitting questions, concerns or ideas: send an e-mail to osclistens@slac.stanford.edu. At the present, all mail will go to me, though I will engage other OSC members and ES&H Subject Matter Experts in the dialogue as necessary. OSC will evaluate the program in six months and see if anything needs modification.

To view our charter and a list of members, see our Web page at https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/esh/committees/osc.htm. Continue to contact us through phone or in person, and try out the new e-mail address.

Donít forget: OSC Listens!

Contact: Janice Dabney, Ext. 3603, dabney@slac.stanford.edu 


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