January 21, 2005  


EFD and SEM Merge to Form New Conventional and Experimental Facilities Department

By Vickee Flynn and Nina Stolar

In organizational changes announced in early December, the Experimental Facilities Department (EFD) from the Research Division and Site Engineering & Maintenance (SEM) from the Technical Division were merged into a new group reporting to the Director’s Office. The new department reports to Steve Williams, named special assistant to the Director.

At a meeting held in January to announce the merger of EFD and SEM to members of the new department, Steve Williams (DO) is flanked by Burl Skaggs, shown left, and John Weisend.
(Photo by Vickee Flynn)

John Weisend was named Department Head of the new group, and he clarified the impact of the changes with this merger. "Our prime mission is to provide safe, well planned and efficient support for experiments and facilities at the Laboratory," Weisend said.

Deputy department head Burl Skaggs supports this reorganization as a benefit to SLAC. "This is an opportunity to merge the strengths of each group and re-establish priorities." Merging the experimental and conventional groups enables sharing resources and ideas. For the department organization chart, see: https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/efd/org_chart_1024.pdf

Activity Highlights

All projects will have both technical and safety reviews. Work is underway to improve documentation of utilities at the Lab. A study is underway to develop a five-year plan for the department in order to help support the mission of the Laboratory.

A group of safety officers reporting to Weisend will collaborate closely with ESH staff members and other professionals. They are Brett Groussman, Rich Jones, Jerry Pfefferkorn, Tom Sherry and Brad Youngman.

What’s in a Name?

A contest was held among EFD and SEM staff to name the new group. From about 50 entries, the winning entry was CEF, Conventional and Experimental Facilities Department. Phil Cutino, Ted Fieguth and Ken Yang submitted the winning entries.

Same Service Request Contacts

While the name has changed, service desk procedures remain in place. Please continue to submit your requests to the CEF Service Desk (Ext. 8901, siteserv@slac.stanford.edu). For on-line service requests, see: https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/sem/NonSafety/




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