January 21, 2005  


Special Reminder about SLAC-Owned Equipment

There are occasions when a vendor comes on site to install, repair and/or replace equipment in your work area. In some cases, the vendor may need to do a trade-in or provide a loaner, removing the old equipment and leaving a replacement.

Please note that this old equipment is government property. It cannot be given back to a vendor, nor can it be removed from SLAC without proper documentation in the form of a SLAC Shipping Order, or Shipper, which can be found online (http://www-bis.slac.stanford.edu/Public/shipper/shipintro.asp).

Always coordinate such returns, loaners, trade-ins or exchanges with a Purchasing Department buyer or expeditor.

Contact: Leslie Normandin, Ext. 4350, leslie@slac.stanford.edu 



The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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