July 15, 2005  


The New Chemical Management System is Almost Here!

By Teresa Larson

A little over a month ago we updated you on the status of SLAC’s long-awaited chemical management system. We are now only four weeks away from full site-wide implementation!

There have been many accomplishments since our last update. One of these is the successful completion of the chemical move from SLAC Stores to the Haas hub in Gilroy. The transfer went without a hitch, and those chemicals previously stored on site can be ordered through the Haas on-line system (see link below).

Additionally, the number of workgroups ordering their chemicals through the on-line system has increased to 12, with another six to come on line within the next one to two weeks.

Cost savings have already been realized for several workgroups and many customers report that they are very pleased to have a full-time, on-site Haas resource to handle their orders and field issues quickly and efficiently.

Also, the Chemical Management System Team performed a full, on-site and off-site inventory of all SLAC-owned compressed gas cylinders. Site safety will continue to improve as unsafe cylinders identified during the inventory process are removed and/or replaced with newer, safer gas cylinders.

Two important milestones to report on:

1. July 20 and 21

CMS Project/Haas User Training will be held on site for those individuals with operator privileges in the Haas system.

2. August 1

The facility-wide go live date. Remember, everyone who initiates a chemical transaction on or after this date must use the Haas on-line system.

Again, thanks to all those who have helped make this project a success. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the following divisional representatives:

• SSRL: Stephanie Carlson, Todd Slater
• RES: Jim McDonald, Bob Kirby
• TECH: Karen Holtemann, Mary Regan
• DIR/CEF: Rich Jones
• ESH: Butch Byers, Matt Padilla
• BSD: Tom Murphy
• Haas Customer Service Representative: Ray Barbara

For more information, see the project web site at http://www-group.slac.stanford.edu/esh/cms/


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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