July 15, 2005  


Computer Security for Home Users

By Teresa Downey

If you have DSL at home, you will need to be extra vigilant to keep your computer safe.

These are some basics you need to know:

Use a firewall.
Run anti-virus software and keep those definitions up to date.
Keep your computer patched.
Be smart about the way you use e-mail and the web.

There is a Web page that covers all these topics and more and we highly recommend you take a look at it. You can find a link for it on the SLAC Computer Security User Education page at: http://www2.slac.stanford.edu/computing/security/education/

SLAC Computer Security sets aggressive patching deadlines for home and mobile Windows systems. The latest list of patches required can always be found here at: https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/comp/windows/security/slac_security_critical_issues.asp

If your home computer or laptop comes into the SLAC network via VPN, DHCP or Dial-up, it is required to have the latest critical patches applied. You could lose your ability to use these services until the system is up to date with all required patches.

Information on viruses, hoaxes, phishing, spam and more can be found on the SLAC Computer Security web pages. Please take a few minutes and browse the pages at: http://www2.slac.stanford.edu/computing/security/

Contact: Teresa Downey
SLAC Post Master, Ext. 2903


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