July 15, 2005


BABAR Find New Massive Particle

By Heather Rock Woods

On Thursday, June 30, at the international Lepton-Photon symposium in Uppsala, Sweden, the BABAR collaboration announced the discovery of a new massive particle with curious behavior.

The particle is produced in collisions between electrons and their antimatter counterparts, called positrons. For the moment the particle has been named Y(4260), reflecting the measured mass of 4260 Mega-electron volts but the unknown nature of the state. The discovery is the subject of a paper recently submitted to Physical Review Letters.

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KIPAC Launches New Public Website

By Jennifer Formichelli

On Wednesday, July 6, the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC) launched a new website.

KIPAC, an independent laboratory of Stanford University, is part of the newly-formed Particle & Particle Astrophysics science area of SLAC, and the new website is intended to showcase the research of KIPAC.

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Breeding Bluebirds

By Monica Bobra

Since May 2004, miniature wooden houses have hung from various trees around the SLAC campus. Constructed to accommodate a dwindling species called the Western Bluebird, the six homes were simply an initial trial “just to get an idea of bluebird activity,” said Kirk Stoddard (EPR). Now SLAC plays an active role in Western Bluebird preservation.

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Summer Students Square the Circle at SLAC

By Francoise Chanut

How many summer students does it take to coil 693 feet of RG220 coaxial cable neatly inside a square box? Five, according to John Krzaszczak (ESD).

He recently rounded up five summer students and four SLAC employees, who together loaded three cables totaling approximately 700 pounds into an 800 pound wood crate. The cables will be shipped to Japan later this summer.

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