July 15, 2005  


KIPAC Launches New Public Website

By Jennifer Formichelli

On Wednesday, July 6, the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC) launched a new website.

KIPAC, an independent laboratory of Stanford University, is part of the newly-formed Particle & Particle Astrophysics science area of SLAC, and the new website is intended to showcase the research of KIPAC.

The first goal of the redesign was at once to fit the design of the KIPAC site into the SLAC family and visually representing KIPACís mutual affiliations with both SLAC and Stanford.

A news and events box was created on the left side of the page, in order to showcase events connected with KIPAC.

The center of the page was devoted to a revolving graphic which changes each time a user clicks on the page, and highlights both scientific images produced by KIPAC members, and artistsí renderings of the two new buildings KIPAC will eventually inhabit: the Fred Kavli Building at SLAC, and the Physics & Astrophysics building on campus. For further interactivity, webcams featuring the construction of both buildings are available underneath the News & Events box.

The navigation system was designed to have a similar feeling and structure to that on the SLAC home page. It was also engineered to encompass a range of information specific to KIPAC, and to make that information immediately and easily accessible. Another menu was added for audiences within or affiliated to KIPAC.

The page also features a search box from which one can also launch a KIPAC search, or a SLAC web or people search. Links to SLAC and Stanford Physics Department on the bottom of the navigation menu highlight KIPACís unique dual affiliation.
The web page created thanks to Beck Reitmeyer, Ruth McDunn and Xeno Media.

Please feel free to send your comments to Jennifer Formichelli at jlf24@slac.stanford.edu.


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