July 15, 2005  


Items Under Consideration for Deletion from Stores Inventory

After looking at the overall usage rates of certain Stores items, SLAC Stores plans to eliminate a number of items from its inventory. Many commercial vendors are now able to deliver commodities very quickly (‘just-in-time’ delivery) and, in many cases, this is a much more efficient and economical way to get what SLAC needs to do the job.

General and Metal Store Items

Any General and Metal Stores items that have not been issued since May 31, 2003 are slated for deletion.

Complete List of Other Items Scheduled for Deletion

A comprehensive list of many other items scheduled for deletion can be found on-line (http://www-group.slac.stanford.edu/pur/inactivestoresitems.xls). If you prefer, a hard copy of the listing is also available at the Stores service counter.

Is There an Item on the Deletion List You Would Like Retained?

SLAC Stores will need a justification to continue stocking any of the planned deletion items. If you still need Stores to maintain these items in stock, please e-mail your justification to: Tom Murphy at smurf@slac.stanford.edu no later than 1:00 p.m., Friday, July 29.

Tom Murphy
Purchasing Department
Ext. 3582, smurf@slac.stanford.edu


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