June 17, 2005  


DOE Honors Luda Fieguth as Energy Champion

By Nina Adelman Stolar

DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) has recognized Luda Fieguth (CEF) as one of two DOE Energy Champions for the year. The ‘You Have the Power’ campaign is a DOE initiative to promote energy-efficient practices and products among 24 Federal agencies, including DOE, DOD, DOT, NASA and SSA. As one of the two individuals selected from the DOE national laboratories, Fieguth has been invited to Washington, D.C. for the Award ceremony in October.

DOE Poster depicting Fieguth as role model.
(Poster courtesy of DOE)

The award recognizes that through her initiative, SLAC is currently saving 32 billion British Thermal Units—Hours (BTUH) of energy annually, which is equivalent to usage of about 1,800 households. This saves the Lab over $400,000 annually (in the 2005 energy market) and is reflecting our decreased use by approximately 6,000 Megawatt-hours (MWH) of electrical energy and about 11.5 billion BTUH of energy from natural gas.

Fieguth has initiated many energy conservation projects in the last decade and has obtained $1.5 million in funding from FEMP and the California Energy Commission (CEC). For example, a significant savings in natural gas use was achieved by replacing two hot water boilers in the central plant.

There is competition for limited funds from DOE and CEC. Fieguth submits proposals with detailed life-cycle cost analysis. Grants are based on economic attractiveness and a demonstrated payback within five years. Working closely with DOE FEMP officials, she has been successful in justifying and obtaining funding for the energy conservation projects at the Laboratory.

Last year, Fieguth initiated and implemented the Linac Lighting Control project. This project yields approximately 356 MWH of electrical energy savings per year. More recently, she is working on the implementation of for lighting control of the North and South Arc Tunnels with DOE FEMP approved funding.

In addition to this latest award, last year Fieguth received an Environmental Protection Agency Award (see TIP, June 18, 2004) for her work on the Klystron Gallery Lighting Upgrade project.


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