June 17, 2005  


Introducing New SSO DOE Safety Engineers

By Linda DuShane White

With the arrival of Jeff Logan and Don Wilhem in May, the DOE Stanford Site Office (SSO) tripled the size of its SSO Operations and ES&H Group. Logan and Wilhelm join Dave Osugi as Safety Engineers. Both bring extensive government experience to their new jobs.

Shown here (from left to right), Don Wilhelm and Jeff Logan join Dave Osugi as Safety Engineers at the DOE Stanford Site Office.
(Photo by Topher White)

Logan comes to us from 15 years with NASA Ames in Mountain View and Wilhelm from 10 years at Lawrence Livermore DOE (DOE at LLNL) and 20 years in the Navy. Coming as he does from Safety Oversight in another DOE lab, Wilhelm finds that he is tailoring what he already knows into this arena.

Background of Reorganization

SSO’s enlarged safety team is part of the overall DOE reorganization which began about three years ago. Explains Wilhelm, “There was a time when the Oakland DOE Operations Office had the Western Operations Manager. As they got rid of the Ops Office and things became consolidated, a lot of tasks then got moved out to the Site Offices, which is why more people had to be brought in. When the Op Offices went away we all came under the Offices of Science in Chicago.”

Wilhelm’s biggest challenge is learning the differences between security requirements at a nuclear lab and at SLAC, which is an unclassified lab. He drives from Richmond and plans his commute so he is on the Bay Bridge before the metering lights come on. He just goes on cruise control and sails right along.

Logan was an Engineering Manager at NASA Ames prior to coming to SLAC. “Unlike Don, I’m new to DOE and to SLAC.” He said. “I’m very impressed with SLAC. People are just wonderful.” Logan’s wife is also an engineer.

Both Logan and Wilhelm say how welcome the Lab folks have made them feel and how glad they are to be members of the SLAC Team. As things shake down over the next few months, they look forward to being part of the evolving atmosphere for great science here at SLAC. 


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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