June 3, 2005  


New SLAC Directory Offers More Features

By Ziba Mahdavi and Katherine Bellevin

A new SLAC Directory is currently being tested and will soon be released. This new directory has many enhancements, including listings for:

• alternate contact information, such as cell phones, pagers
• SLAC cell phones
• easy to navigate organization charts
• home institution (for SLAC Users)

Control Your Own Contact Information

People who are in the SLAC Directory can now add alternate contact information to their listings. This is important for the User community, as well as anyone who has multiple phone numbers, email addresses, cell phones or pagers. In order to edit your own information, you must be logged in using your SLAC Windows account/password. Those without a SLAC Windows account should contact their ATOM for assistance with this function.

This project is a joint effort of the Business Services, Computing and Communications groups. We’ve gained valuable input from staff around the lab -- including ATOMS, Admins, User support and others.

Try It Out!

We’d like your comments and suggestions. Try out the beta version at: http://www-public.slac.stanford.edu/phonebook/search.html and let us know if you have any problems, suggestions or comments. Send comments to directory-admin@slac.stanford.edu. The new directory is also available from every directory listing page. We hope to launch the new directory in mid-June.

Please note that the new organizational changes at the division level may not be yet reflected in the organizational chart, so please check that you are listed with the correct department and supervisor, but you do not need to send in corrections for which division you belong to.


  Find a Phone Number When the Web Site is Down   Print the Phone Book  
  Did you know that you can dial 650-926-8777 and get any staff member’s phone number by spelling out the last name (and sometimes part of the first name)? This service is also available via the main SLAC line (926-3300, choose option ‘2’).   From the phone book advanced search page (http://www-public.slac.stanford.edu/phonebook/search.html), use the “Printing the Phone Directory” link. The data is refreshed nightly.  


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