March 4, 2005  


Be Safe When You are Biking

By Irene Boczek

Recently one of our colleagues was riding his bike and was hit by a car and seriously injured. I know that we all share good wishes for his speedy recovery.

A bike gets a tune-up at the SLAC 2003 Bike Fair.  (Photo by Diana Rogers)

At home, at work or in-between, your safety is of paramount importance. So here are some safety tips on safe bike riding and running.

Safe Biking

Thanks to Honolulu Police Department ( and others.

• Obey traffic signs, signals and road markings.
• Ride defensively and so drivers can see you and predict your movements.
• Be alert for road hazards.
• Be aware of parked cars and watch for car doors that may open.
• Use hand signals.
• Wear clothes that make you more visible.
• Be cautious when riding a bike at night. Make sure you have the proper lights on your bicycle. Wear reflective materials or clothing.
• Wear an approved helmet. Studies have shown that wearing a helmet can reduce injuries by up to 80 percent.
• Loose items should be secured to a properly installed carrier or carried in a backpack.
• Don’t wear a headset while you bike so that you can hear what is going on around you.
• Keep your bike in good condition.

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