March 4, 2005  


Computer Coordinating Committee Resumes Meetings

By Travis Brooks

The Computer Coordinating Committee (CCC), chaired by Aaron Roodman (EC), has started meeting again with a fresh set of members and a new charge from the Associate Directorís Committee on Computing (ADCC). Our goal is to provide technical advice to the ADCC to help them manage SLACís computing technology within the limited resources available.

The CCC membership consists of leaders of major computing efforts around the Lab, as well as people who can provide a working knowledge of SLACís capabilities and needs in this arena. While we interact with SCS, our membership is chosen from other areas of the Lab in order that we can bring the userís perspective to the discussion.

If you have suggestions for agenda items, or other comments or questions about our role, let us know by visiting  or sending email to Note that these communications are publicly viewable, if you have a private issue, you may wish to find a CCC member in your area and let him or her know about your concern.

Current members are:
Aaron Roodman (EC) (Chair)
Travis Brooks (TIS)
Ray Cowan (
Richard Dubois (SLD)
Martin George (ESRD)
Stephen Gowdy (
Rusty Humphrey (ESD)
Kwok Ko (AC)
David Lange (BABAR)
Ray Larsen (TD)
Stuart Marshall (KIPAC)
Richard Mount (SCS)
Sunnie Parish (RD)
Kymberly Snead (KM)
Marshall Thompson (BSD)
Clemens Wermelskirchen (ADC)



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