March 4, 2005  


Important Changes to the SLAC Summer Student Program

By Diedre Webb

There is great anticipation for another successful summer student program in 2005. There have been tremendous results from posting jobs on the jobs@slac Web page. It benefits our local students who have a special interest in the sciences. We extend our thanks to the supervisors and mentors, and look forward to your support with the new improvements to our program.

While it is true that we look forward to gleaning some of the energy that comes from working with our enthusiastic youth, we must be cognizant of safety. In addition, the Laboratory has reviewed the summer student employment program to be certain that it is meeting the needs of the Laboratory and is in compliance with all applicable labor and safety laws and policies. The review has resulted in significant changes, which include the following:


All students will be required to take the mandatory ES&H Training classes, review applicable Area Hazard Analysis (AHAs) and, with their supervisor, complete a Job Hazard Analysis Mitigation (JHAM) for their job.

Posting Summer Student Jobs

• All requisitions for Summer Students will be posted for five business days.
• Hires will be selected after all applications have been reviewed.
• Interested students must apply for specific posted requisition numbers.

New Age Requirement and Mentoring

• No student under 16 will be allowed to work at SLAC in any capacity.
• Work performed by 16 and 17 year olds is allowed only in an office-type environment, and must be part of an education/mentoring program individually tailored by the supervisor/mentor to the position.
• Students who are 18 years and older may participate in the Summer Student Program, and will be treated like any other temporary worker on the SLAC payroll.

Employment Services will distribute information detailing the requirements and new procedures to supervisors in mid-March.



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