March 4, 2005  


Policy for Staff Guided Tours Keeps Security Informed

By Emily Ball

A new policy for staff guided tours simplifies the process for giving small personal tours while keeping SLAC Safeguards and Security well-informed. As announced in The Interaction Point (, the policy is brand new, but the procedure is virtually unchanged. Staff members still fill out a SLAC Dosimeter/ID Request Form, but the form has now been updated to collect additional information. Changes include:

Kathy Bellevin (COM) fills out the new Dosimeter/ID Request form with Security Officer John Freidrich at the security gate before proceeding with her staff guided tour. The form can be found at: by Katherine Bellevin)

Section 1: a commitment from visitor(s) to obey signage and follow direction of staff escort

Section 2: a commitment from the escort to take full responsibility for each visitor’s safety, to verify that up-to-date training is sufficient to escort visitor(s), and to list the areas where the visitor(s) will be taken.

The additional information enables staff to continue to take groups smaller than than six people on private tours without getting special permission or prior approval, and provides SLAC Safeguards and Security with enough information to control visitor activity on the site.

“Now when staff members take guests on tours, they fill out the same form as before only they provide us with a little more information,” says Rick Yeager, SLAC Security Chief. “The additional information provided gives security officers a chance to manage onsite groups during potential accidents or natural disasters, and puts the responsibility of safety squarely in each staff member’s hands.”

With this increased commitment to safety from staff members and their visitors, staff guided tours will be easy to offer at the convenience of the guide with safety and security a top priority.

For groups with more than six visitors, go to: to fill out a Private Tour Request form.

Contact: Mika Stratton, Ext. 3499, 

For more information, see:



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