March 18, 2005  


Linear Café Offers Good Food and Relaxing Atmosphere

By Matthew Early Wright

Looking for an idyllic setting for your next catered event, somewhere with big shady trees, lush grass, and a fantastic view of the Santa Clara Valley? The perfect place is closer than you think.

The Linear Café at SLAC is more than just a convenient place to have lunch. The Epicurean Group that manages the Café also offers indoor and outdoor catering for all types of events, with a myriad of menu options. “What we offer for lunch is a small sampling of what we can offer for a catered event,” says Café manager George Lee. “Why carpool to downtown Palo Alto or Menlo Park when we’re right here?”

Lee places a big priority on making the Café an integral part of the SLAC community. He and his staff have made a number of improvements to make the environment more inviting, such as installing new carpeting and décor and opening up a new espresso bar. In addition, new chairs will soon be installed in the café seating area. This is all part of an effort to shed the utilitarian stereotype of a typical ‘cafeteria’ in favor of a more comfortable, ‘community café’ feel, Lee says.

While Lee wants the SLAC Community to feel welcome, he also wants to everyone to know that because Epicurean is liable for the café seating area, it is only available for events that are catered by Epicurean. It’s also a bit like living in a neighborhood, Lee explains. “You take time to keep your place clean, and then the neighbors have a party on your front lawn.” As much as you might like your neighbors, this can be frustrating.

A wide variety of event and catering options are available, and Lee stresses that Epicurean can be very flexible in setting up just the right event for any group’s needs.

If you are interested to schedule a catered event, stop by the Café and chat with Lee, or contact him at, Ext. 2615.

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The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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