March 18, 2005  


Holland Manages DOE Stanford Site Office

By Linda DuShane White

Mike Holland
 (photo by Diana Rogers)

In early March, Michael Holland took over as Acting Manager of the DOE Stanford Site Office (SSO) at SLAC. Bob Wunderlich returned to Argonne after serving in that capacity for the past two months.

Holland’s assignment is for a flexible period of 6 to 8 weeks. “I’ll be continuing some of the things that Bob already got started here,” he said.

He said that among his highest priorities while here are working to restart the research machines, the Type A corrective actions and working with the staff in the SSO to help them be as effective as possible.

Equally important for Holland will be to help Nancy Sanchez, the incoming SSO manager, have a smooth transition. Sanchez will be at SLAC on and off from mid-March to sometime in April, when she will be here permanently. Meanwhile, she will be attending training sessions and meetings at other sites.

Holland’s excellent management skills and years of experience as Manager at the Brookhaven Site Office enabled him to pick up the reins here at SLAC. Like Wunderlich, he has experience overseeing transitions at a variety of DOE labs.

Holland has encouraging words for SLAC in this time of transition. “It’s the same with any challenge. If you can work your way through it you’re better off for having the experience. And I think the Laboratory’s in a good place right now. You’re on the upswing. It will be exciting to get the machines started.” We can all agree with that!

On a personal level, Holland appreciates the mild Bay Area weather—a vivid contrast to the snow he left at home—and recently was lucky enough to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time on a bright blue day.




The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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