May 20, 2005


SLAC Unveils New Public Website

By Katherine Bellevin

The Laboratory has launched a new Web site that highlights our varied scientific initiatives as well as important information for staff, users and the public. A key goal of the new Web site is to communicate the excitement and energy surrounding the science we do at the Lab. This has meant creating new content and imagery, as well as organizing existing pages around the various audiences that use the Web site.

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Archimedes Manuscript Yields Secrets Under X-Ray Gaze

By Heather Rock Woods

For five days in early May, the ancient collided with the ultra-modern at SSRL, bringing brilliant, long-hidden ideas to light with brilliant x-ray light. A synchrotron x-ray beam illuminated the obscured work—erased, written over and even painted over—of ancient mathematical genius Archimedes, born 287 B.C. in Sicily.

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LCLS Construction Gathering Steam

By Matthew Early Wright

The LCLS project is off and running. This summer, crews will begin several major construction projects, planners will sign contracts for hardware, and R&D experimentation and testing of materials will begin.

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40 Years of SLAC Power

By Gregory A. Loew

For more than 40 years up until January 1, 2005, SLAC enjoyed exceptionally low electric power rates for two reasons. The first was because of Director Emeritus W.K.H. (Pief) Panofsky’s wise planning from the inception of the Lab to secure a long-term contract with the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) in Sacramento, now in Folsom. Most of WAPA’s power came from dams around the Central Valley. Panofsky used to call it ‘socialist power’ because it was essentially government power stemming from the Bureau of Reclamation created under FDR.

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