May 20, 2005  


What Old Fogie?

By Von Taylor

Have you thought to yourself, “I wonder what ever happened to…?” Well that is the genesis of the Old Fogies Club (OFC). It started when Chuck Hartley (formerly AD) and I arranged to stay in touch by going to lunch once a month after he left SLAC to work at another company.

I mentioned to Fred Coffer (formerly HR) that Chuck and I were having lunch and he wanted to come along. Then I said something to Ted Fiedor (formerly KLY) about talking to Fred about some aspect of the Test Lab. Ted asked when I saw Fred and I told him at lunch.

Top Left: Rod Curry and Von Taylor.
Top Right: John Eichner, Dave Burrows and Lee Hall.
Bottom Left: Gus Sandoval. Bottom Right: Randy Fowkes.

(Photos by Lou Garcia & Von Taylor)

You can see where this is going. Every time I told someone I saw someone, someone else would want to go. So now there are old Old Fogies and young Old Fogies. Some still go to work and some are happy just going to the bathroom…

Most of the members are associated with the Klystron Department, but not all.

Just to name a few: Tineke Graafland, Harold (formerly I&C) and Nada Comstock (formerly BSD), Merrill Card (I&C) and Kathy Burrows (AD)—neither old nor fogie.

We get together every three months or so, depending on who’s in town. Here are some pictures taken from the last OFC luncheon on April 1 at Zott’s (now called the Alpine Beer Garden).

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