May 20, 2005  




Blandford, Roger (KIPAC), elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) (see related article).
Brunger, Axel (SSRL), elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) (see related article).
Burchat, Patricia (B
ABAR) to receive Guggenheim Fellowship for 2005 (see photo and caption).
Drell, Sidney (DO), will receive $250,000 Heinz Award for Public Policy on May 24 (see photo and caption).
Friedman, Jerome (SCS), elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences (see photo and caption).

Service Awards

5 Years
Altieri, Richard (CEF), 5/22
Gibbs, Danny (CEF), 5/16
Mansell, Stanley (MD), 5/16
Prado, Andres (ESRD), 5/16

15 Years
Olszewski, Joseph (ESD), 5/15
Stieber, Joseph (MD), 5/16

20 Years
McDougal, John (MET), 5/18

25 Years
Hettel, Robert (ASD), 5/19
King, Frank (PEL), 5/19

Billitzer-Jenkins, Stan (ASD), 4/19
Donald, Martin (AD), 4/12
Ebel, Clark (MFD), 4/12
Graham, Corrine ‘Faye’ (CEF), 4/18
Gutierrez, Adolfo (MFD), 4/18
Hamner, Earl (ESD), 4/18
Herrmannsfeldt, William (ARDA), 4/1
Itani, Victor (MD), 4/18
Lowe, Stephen (ESD), 4/18
Myers, William (SEM), 3/17
Page, Howard (ASD), 4/19
Phillips, Robert (KLY), 4/18
Rek, Zofia (ESRD), 4/19
Rinard, Clarice (SCS), 4/29
Roos, Franklin (MFD), 4/5
Tam, Carol (ACC), 4/15
Tatchyn, Roman (SSRL), 4/19
Wallace, Raymond (ESD), 3/17
Wilson, Edward (ESD), 4/18

Watt, Bob (formerly with CRYO), age 85, passed away on April 3, 2005.

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