May 20, 2005  


NOVA Films at SLAC

By Stephon Alexander

NOVA, ARTE (France), Chan. 4 (UK), and NDR (Germany) are collaborating on this yearís biggest science documentary, E=MC^2, an in depth look at Einsteinís life and work. The last section of the TV Special was filmed at SLAC on May 5, 6 and 7. The special will air in September of this year, but SLAC will recieve an advance copy which will be projected in the Auditorium.

A film crew from WGBH NOVA adjusts equipment between shoots in the CEH. Sandy Pierson (RD), shown top left, oversees the camera crew at work.
(Photo by John Shepardson)

In this excerpt from his Quantum Diaries blog, SLAC Theoretical Physicist, Stephon Alexander, talks about the recent visit of the NOVA film crew.


Trini Steff: Some people from England come all de way across de Atlantic to film some ah we at SLAC and de facilities.

SLAC Steff: Well thats awesome Steff, was it some documenatry by the usual culprits.

Steff: Boy if ah tell yuh, yuh mite tink ah lyin, but es NOVA boy!

SLAC Steff: NOVA!!! dawg they get 10 Million viewers a week. Thats a great thing for SLAC and its about time since that place is the bomb. I hope they got some footage of Bar Bar events.

Trini Steff: How yuh mean? Dey get meh main man Mike Kelsey at de control room an ting.

SLAC Steff: What about that cute experimentalist, Caolionn?

Trini Steff: Hey man doh disrespect me homegual Caolionn, she es a badd ass, but deh film she too.

SLAC Steff: So why did the decide to come to SLAC

Trini Steff: Deh doing a docudrama about the making of de famous equation discoverd by Einstein E=MC^{2}. An since we make use of dis equation all de time at SLAC and some of we work on related ideas deh decided to come down an capture daily life.

SLAC Steff: You forgot to tell the people out there that there is a cool trailer they can check out on Novaís website

Trini Steff: An big up to de people of de Caribbean and all de Trinis an meh peops at SLAC.  


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