May 20, 2005  


ILC News: Takasaki Selected as Regional GDE Director

By Kurt Riesselmann
Reprinted from Fermilab Today

On Tuesday, Fumihiko Takasaki, KEK, was appointed as the regional director of the ILC Global Design Effort for Asia. The announcement was made by Barry Barish, the director of the ILC GDE team. Takasaki had been recommended for the position by the Asian Linear Collider Steering Committee with the endorsements of Barish and Yoji Totsuka, Director General of KEK.

The International Linear Collider Steering Group (ILCSC) accepted Takasaki’s appointment at a meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 10. The appointments of the regional directors for Europe and North America will be next.

Takasaki, a high-energy physicist, is the head of the KEK Linear Collider Office. He was a spokesperson of the Belle collaboration at KEK, and he has extensive ties to the United States.

“He’s been coordinating the U.S.-Japan collaboration [in high-energy physics],” said Tor Raubenheimer, referring to the bilateral science and technology program that has benefited science projects such as CDF and Glast. “He is a very impressive person.” For more information on the Asian Regional Team and its working groups, visit the ILC-Asia homepage at:


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