May 20, 2005  


SLAC Unveils New Public Web Site

By Katherine Bellevin

The Laboratory has launched a new Web site that highlights our varied scientific initiatives as well as important information for staff, users and the public.

The new SLAC home page.

A key goal of the new Web site is to communicate the excitement and energy surrounding the science we do at the Lab. This has meant creating new content and imagery, as well as organizing existing pages around the various audiences that use the Web site.

“Communicating to the scientific and general public what we are doing at SLAC and why we are doing it is essential,” said Director Jonathan Dorfan. “The public thirsts for scientific knowledge. They also fund what we do, so we owe it to them to explain what we do in terms they can readily understand.”

The new site also incorporates updated versions for many of the public information and visitors’ pages. As additional pages are created, existing content will be folded into the new site in the coming months. This first phase is just the beginning of a Lab-wide effort to integrate and organize our Web site content.
“The new SLAC Web site reflects the tremendous amount of effort and teamwork that went into so rapidly getting it on-line,” said SSRL Director Keith Hodgson. “It conveys in a most compelling and visual manner the future excitement in photon science and particle and astroparticle physics at our Laboratory. I am sure that SLAC’s users, staff and sponsors will all find the site welcoming, easy to navigate and very informative.”

Dozens of staff from every division at the Lab were involved in this effort, contributing their time and expertise to help pull the new site together. Special thanks go out to the core group of producers and technical staff who made this effort possible:

Jennifer Formichelli (KIPAC)
Ruth McDunn (TIS)
Ann Mueller (SSRL)
Rebbecca Reitmeyer (TIS)
Sean Roberts (SCS)
Larissa Williams (ESH)

We would like to hear your comments and suggestions! We have already heard many useful comments and have begun incorporating them. Please send your thoughts to


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