November 4, 2005  


Presidental Directive on Energy and Fuel Conservation

(Image courtesy of DOE)

By Luda Fieguth

SLAC has received a memorandum from Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman regarding implementation of the recent Presidential Directive on Energy and Fuel Conservation by Federal Agencies. This memorandum has been posted to the SLAC Today website at:

In the aftermath of the hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, DOE facilities are expected to lead by example and conserve electricity, natural gas, gasoline, and diesel fuel in order to aggressively minimize current energy shortage impacts.

SLAC contributes to energy saving by incorporating energy-efficient design measures into construction projects, procuring energy-efficient equipment and by running the linac at a low repetition rate. The makeup of SLACís transportation fleet is changing as we replace many gasoline-powered vehicles with electrical vehicles and some of the large maintenance trucks with minitrucks that run ~40 miles on a gallon of fuel.

We at SLAC are expected to identify and implement additional ways of reducing the overall energy use. Please contribute to energy saving at SLAC as well as at home. Energy Conservation Tips are available on SLACís Energy Management web page, See the websites included in Secretary Bodmanís memorandum.

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