November 4, 2005  


LCLS Construction Update

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By David Saenz

There are currently four LCLS projects under construction:

Sector 20 Injector Facility

The 1,600 square foot Alcove that had been utilized over the years as a Pump Repair Room and Mechanical Shop for the plant engineering staff has been demolished. The LCLS project will use this space for a new 2,000 square foot facility to house the Laser Injector and RF Gun. Steel erection will commence in November with a final construction scheduled completion date at the end of February 2006. Due to the construction activities, north access along the gallery will continue to be limited access. The LCLS Project Manager is Bob Law.

Magnetic Measurement Facility (MMF)

The interim home for the undulators (MMF) is scheduled for completion by late February 2006. This facility will be located in the existing Bldg. 81 and will contain the new undulators being provided by the Advanced Photon Source at ANL. These components will require fine tuning and calibration before they are relocated to the Undulator Hall in May 2007. The majority of the demolition is complete and new concrete foundations have been poured. The LCLS Project Manager is Javier Sevilla.

Sector 24 Equipment Access

What was previously an empty 35- foot concrete shaft now has a set of steel stairs. These stairs are designed for easy removal should equipment need to be lowered into the shaft. The facility also includes a new metal enclosure to allow for ease of access. The LCLS Project Manager is Jesse Saldivar.

FFTB/RSY Vertical Exterior Shielding

A total of 12 exterior shielding blocks have been removed. Each 9’x 9’x 3’concrete block is a 19-ton load. These have been replaced with a concrete plug of similar thickness. Removal of the blocks was scheduled at this time so that radiation protection remains in place until FFTB demolition is completed. The LCLS Project Manager is Jesse Saldivar.

Major Construction to Begin in March 2006

The major phase of LCLS construction is scheduled to begin in March 2006 with possibly some site work beginning earlier. The full design will be completed by Jacobs Engineering in January 2006. The construction phase will be managed by Turner Construction. The new Beam Transport Hall (BTH) facility will stretch across the Research Yard, bisecting the area.

The FFTB structure in the Research Yard is scheduled for demolition next year. Other buildings that will be required for demolition include buildings 102A, a portion of building 102B and the High-Bay of Bldg. 113. During all the construction activities safety will be paramount for contractors and lab employees.

Watch for Web Cams

For those who want to keep close tabs on progress during the major construction phase, watch for news and views from the web cams which will be going up in the Research Yard.

The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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