November 4, 2005  


SLAC Recyling Program Update

Recycling just got easier.
(Photos courtesy of Rich Cellamare)


By Rich Cellamare

As of October, we have made some improvements to the recycling program.  

Changes in Paper Recycling

You can now deposit paper in any of the green recycling carts that accept paper. Use the Mixed Paper label as a general guide to what kinds of paper can be recycled, but remember white paper and newspaper are included.

It is too expensive to re-label the carts, so the different labels will remain. Just remember any green cart labeled Mixed Paper, White Paper or Newspaper can accept any of the recyclable papers.

Plastic and Drink Container Recycling

You can deposit more types of plastic drink containers in the carts that accept bottles and cans. As with recyclable paper carts, the labels for bottle and can carts will not be changed.

Green carts labeled ‘Bottles and Cans’ now also accept the following:
• Plastic beverage bottles (containers with necks only) numbers 3 through 7
• Aseptic containers (’drink boxes’— primarily for milk, fruit juice and wine)

We Can Use Your Help

Now that we do not need to separate papers, we should need fewer carts. Building managers are encouraged to coordinate and call the CEF Service Desk (Ext. 8901) to collect extras. These will come in handy for other areas around SLAC.

Thank you again for supporting the recycling program. The program continues to reduce waste disposal costs and generate recycling revenues, which are used to support the program. If you have questions, call Rich Cellamare (Ext. 3401,  

For details on what we recycle and how, see:

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