November 18, 2005  


Conventional and Experimental Facilities Department

CEF was formed by merging the former Experimental Facilities Department and Site Engineering and Maintenance group late last year. This department is responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of almost all facilities at SLAC. This group picture was taken at a CEF All-Hands department meeting several months ago. Note that not everyone is in the photo, but it does give a good representation of the group. In addition, some of the staff have changed offices recently. John Weisend, head of CEF,  and other staff who had been in Bldgs. 280A and 211 have moved to the Collider Experimental Hall (CEH). You can find them on the Mezzanine (2nd floor, Bldg, 751 inside of Bldg. 750). Follow posted signs and use the side entrance, either up the staircase to the elevator.    (Photo by Diana Rogers)


The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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