November 18, 2005  


Fieguth Honored by DOE

Fieguth received the award, a very nice globe—4” in diameter on a wooden pedestal—accompanied by an award certificate signed by Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman.

(Photo courtesy of Luda Fieguth)

By Nina Adelman Stolar

Luda Fieguth (CEF) received the DOE Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) Energy Champion award on October 26 (see announcement of this award in TIP, June 17, 2005). The ceremony was held in the Forrestal Auditorium at DOE Headquarters in Washington, D.C. “The entire event was very pleasant,” Fieguth said. “We all were taken out to a luncheon in a nice restaurant on the bank of the Potomac river.”

Two individual energy champions, two organizations and three small groups were recognized by DOE this year for ‘outstanding contributions towards energy and associated dollar savings at DOE facilities.’

The ceremony began with the National Anthem sang by Lynda Edwards followed by a welcome greeting from FEMP manager Rick Klan and remarks by Douglas Faulkner, Acting Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The award presentation was made by Victor Petrolati, DOE FEMP Team Leader.

As reported in the earlier TIP article, the award recognizes that through Fieguth’s initiative, SLAC is currently saving 32 billion British Thermal Units—Hours (BTUH) of energy annually, which is equivalent to usage of about 1,800 households. This saves the Lab over $400,000 annually (in the FY05 energy market) and is reflecting our decreased use by approximately 6,000 Megawatt-hours (MWH) of electrical energy and about 11.5 billion BTUH of energy from natural gas.

The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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