November 18, 2005  


SLAC Gala a Success

Our thanks to everyone who celebrated this momentous occasion with us!

On the evening of November 8, SLAC celebrated the World Year of Physics with a gala evening of music, entitled From Einstein to Superstrings. After kicking off the evening with a reception, attendees streamed into Panofsky Auditorium for Oxford Professor Brian Fosterís lecture on Einsteinís passion for music and scientific legacy. Musical interludes were provided by the outstanding British violinist Jack Liebeck. The lecture concluded with a violin duet by Foster and Liebeck. After a brief intermission, Liebeck was joined by pianist Charles Owen whose finesse on the Steinway kept the audience rapt as the duo performed pieces by Beethoven, Debussy, Martinu and Strauss. Met with a standing ovation at the conclusion of their program, the musiciansí encore choice, Rachmaninov, marked the melodic end to a fantastic evening. (Photo courtesy of Melinda Lee)


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