November 18, 2005  


Library’s New Website

By Lesley Wolf

The look of the new SLAC Library website is roomy. The feel is airy and light. Maneuverability is nimble as you roll your mouse across the page. And while it does not smell like a new car, it handles like one. The site has been reworked, reshaped, remodeled and reformed to better serve you, the SLAC information customer. The URL has not changed: (and yes, we do still have a physical library on the second floor of the Central Lab, Bldg. 40).

The site now offers side-by-side book and journal search boxes, new books and SLAC publication lists, as well as a one-size-fits-all request form for ordering interlibrary (outside of SLAC) books, copies of articles, purchases, journal routing to your mailbox and book purchase suggestions. Check out the ASME Standards database, e-mail the reference librarian or browse the online computer books.

Little Known Fact

We are affiliated with Stanford University Libraries, and have access to their vast collections and electronic resources. Click on the Stanford Libraries link on the SLAC Library home page, then open SOCRATES for the Stanford Libraries main catalog.

Reference Librarian and webmaster Kim Sutton, Library Staff Ann Redfield, Travis Brooks, Mike Sullivan, Lesley Wolf and Nicole Thomas (all LIB) worked out the details for the new library web site while Technical Publications Staff Beck Reitmeyer, Ruth McDunn, and Chip Dalby (all TIS) offered much technical and creative expertise.



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