November 18, 2005  


What do ACKS, CALICE, CEP, SiD, SRB and XMC Have in Common?

By Jean Deken

All of them are acronyms used at SLAC, and have been added to the SLACSpeak glossary in the past 12 months—along with their definitions or explanations. SLACSpeak is both a continuously updated website and an occasionally re-issued publication produced by the SLAC Archives and History Office.

There are several easy and convenient ways to locate SLACSpeak on the Web when you need to look up an unfamiliar acronym or term:

• Type slacspeak in the grey and white global navigation (search) box on any of SLAC’s pages.

• Go to any top-level page on the SLAC site with left-hand navigation links, and click on the ‘SLACSpeak Glossary’ flyout link under ‘About SLAC.’

• Go to the Detailed Index and look under ‘S’:

• Bookmark SLACSpeak on your Web browser:

The SLACSpeak glossary may be searched by acronym or by definition, or readers may browse an on-line alphabetical list of the terms and acronyms it contains. There is also a ‘Suggest Term’ link on the site that allows users to submit terms and acronyms that they have searched for and not found, and that they would like to have added to the glossary.

If you would prefer to have a hard copy of SLACSpeak, stop by the SLAC Library or Archives to pick up the June 2000 paperback edition.

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