November 18, 2005  


Prevent a Traffic Hazard – Get Your Vehicle Decal Today

By Simon Ovrahim

The delay in producing SLAC ID’s is causing a traffic hazard at the Main Gate. Staff members who wait until the last moment to dig out their badges at the Main Gate are causing traffic delays and potential ‘rear ender’ accidents.

Vehicle Decals Strongly Recommended

We strongly encourage all eligible staff to obtain a decal for their vehicle to allow smooth entry into SLAC for everyone. Those without a vehicle decal must show a valid SLAC ID to the guard.

Unfortunately, we are encountering several situations each day where individuals are slowing down to a stop (or near-stop) while searching for his/her ID badge.

Please note that if you do not have your badge ready as you drive into SLAC, you must use the left lane marked ‘Stop’ and not endanger your colleagues.

Better still, solve this problem by obtaining a vehicle decal. Get your decal today by contacting the Safeguards and Security Office (Ext. 5345, Bldg. 207).

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