October 7, 2005  


Winter Closure Memo to the SLAC Community

By Lee Lyon

SLAC will again shut down over the winter holiday period. For most areas of the Lab, we will shut down at the end of business on December 21 and will return to work at the beginning of business day on January 3, 2006. December 23, December 26 and January 2 are University holidays. In addition, we will receive one paid day off during this period. This will require staff to use four days of vacation, PTO or leave without salary to cover the total shutdown time. We will again allow staff with insufficient leave to borrow their three Personal Time Off days, their Floating Holiday and, if necessary, their January vacation accrual from calendar year 2006 in order to maintain pay during this shutdown. These same provisions will apply to members of the bargaining unit, pending final approval by USW leadership.

Some areas of SLAC that are critical to our science, safety and security will be working during some of the closure period. We will run both SPEAR3 and PEP II/BaBar in order to maximize the science. This means that some employees closely associated with the running of the two machines will be required to work during the shutdown. In addition, GLAST will also require significant staffing during this period. Management in those areas will inform staff of their schedules. Staff who are required to work during the shutdown will have eight hours added to their vacation balance.

Contact: Lee Lyon, Human Resources, Ext. 2283, lyon@slac.stanford.edu






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