September 2, 2005  


Getting Rid of Household Hazardous Waste: County Programs Make it Painless

Hazardous household waste should not be disposed of in SLAC dumpsters.
(Photo courtesy of Rich Cellamare)

By Rich Cellamare

Many common household productsólike old paint, cleaners, spent automotive or household batteries and fluorescent bulbsóare hazardous and can threaten our environment if not properly disposed of. To encourage residents to manage household hazardous wastes properly and help keep them out of our landfills, California counties offer free drop-off services to their residents.

If you are accumulating hazardous products in your home or garage, it may be time to make your life easier and safer by taking advantage of these programs. Call your county program in advance to find out when you can make a drop-off and what you need to do.

Waste Management can provide information on household hazardous waste programs offered by San Mateo and neighboring counties. If you are having difficulty finding your county household hazardous waste program or have other questions, call Waste Management (Ext. 2399) or Rich Cellamare (Ext. 3401).

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