September 16, 2005  


Our Goal is to Raise $10,000 –We Can Do It!

By Nina Adelman Stolar

DRAS (see New Disaster Relief Organization Formed at SLAC, TIP, January 21, 2005) is working with the San Francisco Chapter of the American Red Cross to collect donations. Your donation is critical and can be specified for Hurricane Katrina relief by writing ‘American Red Cross - Hurricane Katrina’ on your check. Your donations (no cash please) may be sent to DRAS, MS 02.

Hearing about so many families affected by disaster, people were looking for a work-based way to collect funds for disaster relief. The Disaster Relief At SLAC (DRAS) organization, initiated early this year by Lab employees, is a direct and personal way to reach disaster affected communities. Volunteer representatives were able to quickly mobilize to provide support following Hurricane Katrina’s devastating impact.

The SLAC community is international and constituted of capable people who have a working knowledge of life here in the US and abroad. -DRAS Manifest

“After the Tsunami [last December], a lot of people came back to SLAC wanting to do something from a work-based platform,” said Teresa Troxel (SSRL). “We had the feeling like this was happening over again.”

“At first it took us some time to get totally organized — about 10 days,” stated Troxel. “This time we could get right into ‘Go’ mode. We’re really hitting the ground running.” The first day flyers were distributed and the website was up on the second day. By the end of the week, Jeff Machado had approached Lab staff about holding a fundraiser event.

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