September 16, 2005  


KATRINA LUNCH FUNDRAISER - You Can Help! Thursday, September 22

(Photo courtesy of the American Red Cross)

By Nina Adelman Stolar

Join the SLAC Community at a Gulf Coast Lunch to raise funds to help disaster victims. One hundred percent of the money will go to the American Red Cross. All food will be donated by local caterer Jeff Machado. We hope to serve 500 people — please purchase your tickets early!

“The power of Nature can be immense as we have seen in the wake of Hurricane Katrina,” said Lab Director Jonathan Dorfan. “Our fellow citizen’s are in grave need of help. I wish to thank our staff members who have established DRAS and I encourage all of you to reach as deep as you can to provide help to those devastated by Katrina.”

Jeff Machado was one person who stepped forward to provide leadership. He thought of a way to leverage his culinary skills to great advantage for others. “I was trying to look at a way to raise money,” said Machado. “How can I make more out of my contribution? The only thing I know is how to cook. I’m either going there to try to cook for people or I’m trying to raise money. It’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s really simple.”

Don’t Miss this Opportunity

For your $20 donation per ticket, enjoy a Mardi Gras meal on The Green — the lawn area between A&E (Bldg. 41) and Panofsky Auditorium (Bldg. 43). The first 250 people will be served from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. for the second 250.

“We’re just going gung ho following up with support, said Teresa Troxel (SSRL), who is working with a core group to create an opportunity for people here. This is one way to join with your coworkers and have a larger impact. Troxel acknowledged, “Having the event here is really fantastic – it’s going to be great!”

For tickets, pledges and/or donations see:

Neal Adams (MS 97, Bldg. 50, Rm. 372)
Stephanie Carlson (MS 69, Bldg. 137W, Rm. 310)
Kay Ganapathi (MS 90, Bldg. 228, Rm. 8)
Chris Hall (MS 98, Bldg. 84, Rm. B132)
Olga Iakovleva (MS 100, Bldg. 50, Rm. 100)
Thanh Ly (MS 75, Bldg. 40, Rm. R118)
Barbara Mason (MS 14, Bldg. 41, Rm. 226)
Daphe Mitchell (MS 2, Bldg. 41, Rm. 203E)
Garima Srivastava (MS 1, Bldg. 41, Rm. 202D)
Michelle Steger (MS 99, Bldg. 120, Rm. 219)
Diana Viera (MS 43A, Bldg. 28, Rm. 2)
Yo Wackerman (MS 97, Bldg. 50, Rm. 378)
Barry Webb (MS 11, A&E, Bldg. 41, Rm. 238C)
Concepcion Zelaya (MS 63, Bldg. 40, Rm. R228)

For more information, see:

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