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Appointments and Awards
Harvey Lynch (B
ABAR), APS 2005 Leo Szilard Lectureship Award for work in a study group on boost phase intercept systems for national missile defense. For more information, see article Lynch Receives APS Award and go to:

Service Awards

5 Years
Brechin, Vernon J. (ESD), 9/25
Ng, Wing F. (MFD), 9/16
Wenger, David J. (ESRD), 9/18

10 Years
Christy, Joseph D. (RPG), 9/26
Prickett, Patricia L. (ESD), 9/25

15 Years
Smith, Michelle J. (CEF), 9/24

25 Years
Blanchette, Clifford J. (AD), 9/29
Patangui, Lambert O. (CEF), 9/16

40 Years
Combs, Steven L. (MFD), 9/20

Stewart, Glena (AD), 8/31 Washington, Carleton (RPG), 8/19

Zaiss, Herman (formerly MFD), age 77, passed away on August 25, 2005.

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